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About Us

Devotion Aromatherapy was created to fulfil a need in my family for a more natural way of treating our bodies. Being in charge of two little boys' skin and hair health meant taking things back to basics to ensure the optimum benefits for their wellbeing. This has then lead me to develop a range of skin and hair products catering for all ages and skin types.

From experimenting for many years with essential oils for myself, I have now discovered the wonderful world of aromatherapy and the gifts they can bring us. I am now delighted to share these gifts with you and I am sure you will find the fantastic benefits for your body as well.

None of our finished products or raw materials have been tested on animals – only my family and friends!

We are located in Somerville on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and you are welcome to come in and try our products. All the products are hand-made from wonderful natural ingredients.