Bug-Off Head Lice eliminator

A gentle and effective way of eliminating head lice using a blend of 100% essential oils.

Devotion Aromatherapy has developed its Bug-Off Head Lice Eliminator using active ingredients derived from nature.

Head Lice just don't like essential oils and the combination of them used in this product is designed to stop them in their tracks and at the same time be gentle on young heads.


You can see from the Head Lice Cycle below that it is more than likely you won't get all lice and eggs on the first go. It is optimal to repeat the Bug-Off Head Lice Eliminator process every two days for a week if possible—but at least twice during the infestation period. This product is available in 125ml bottle and also as a complete kit with lice comb and disposable shower cap. You can also purchase the head lice accessories separately.

Keep your childs hair free from head lice nasties
using Bug Off Head Lice Deterrent
Head lice can grow and spread quickly... Devotion Aromatherapy's range of Head Lice products will help you not only treat, but prevent head lice!

Bug-Off Head Lice Deterrent Spray

Spray this on the kids' hair daily to ward off those nasty head lice. Essential oils of lavender, geranium and rosemary act as natural bug deterrents making this product an ongoing way to deter them from the scalp before they can nest. Available in 250ml and 125ml spray packs.

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Bug-Off Head Lice Deterrent Shampoo

Using the same concept as the "Bug Off" spray, use this shampoo on the kids' hair to leave it not only silky and shiny but as a synergistic way of enhancing the "Bug Off" deterrent system. Available in 250ml bottle.

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Bug-Off Head Lice Deterrent Conditioner

After shampooing with Bug-Off Shampoo, use this lovely light conditioner to detangle the hair leaving a clean and shiny result. This product uses the same ingredients as the Bug Off deterrent spray to enhance the whole system. Available in 250ml bottle.

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Devotion Aromatherapy is dedicated to providing a range of products that are gentle on young heads and also to minimising the stress that an outbreak of head lice can inflict upon families.

The beautiful essential oils that we use in our products not only smell wonderful but they are extremely effectively in eliminating and deterring these nasty little critters—forever!

We'd love you to try our range which is growing all the time by popular demand:

Head Lice Deterrent Spray
Head LIce Shampoo
Head Lice Conditioner
Head Lice Eliminator
Lice Combs
Disposable Shower caps

Essential oils have a special way of acting "synergistically" which means when they are used in combinations and in similar products it enhances the beneficial effect they have. That is why we suggest using the entire range to ensure maximum effective defence